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未来へつなぐ旅Japan sustainable trip

Japan’s wonderful heritage of culture, tradition and natural beauty is a story that demands to be told long into the future. Green TV Japan showcases a range of exciting projects geared toward the goal of a sustainable society.

いのちの物語Nature love story

The range of creatures living together on this planet of ours is incredible. But biodiversity is declining rapidly, with many species in danger of extinction. Will you be part of the solution in preventing that loss?

暮らしのシフトethical & organic Life

To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, we all need to be mindful of this Earth we live on. The best way to preserve our limited resources is to shift to a recycling-oriented lifestyle.

未来への提言Future Message

At Green TV Japan, we carry stories with messages and ideas for the future, brought to you by real people in a surprising array of fields.

地球を知る映像図書館Japan GreenTV archives

In partnership with its UK parent company, and with NGOs, companies and governments the world over, Green TV Japan has been distributing programming with an environmental message for 10 years now. We’re spreading knowledge, learning and awareness through a constellation of 12 channels.